Seller Tips

1.Clean & Clear

Clean and clear out anything you wouldn't want to see if you were buying a house.

Try to clear counters, tables, etc. so buyers can visualize their belongings there. You may have a stellar house, but if all the potential buyer can see is a messy kitchen or dirty bathroom that's what they will remember. 

2.Repair & Replace

Repair any items that are manageable with your time and budget. This could range from replacing burned out lightbulbs, a fresh coat of neutral paint, to replacing the lime green carpeting... Small things like this can make the entire house feel more updated and inviting.  


Price is the number #1 most important factor in marketing your home! Overpricing your home can narrow the net of buyers, waste time, money, and can cause your home to be on the market longer than necessary. 

Contact The Diamond Girls so we can show you how we can get your home SOLD! 

We will also arrange all necessary repairs, give you a list of reliable vendors, and recommendations to get you the MOST money for your Diamond In The Desert!